We have no illusions. Antosia will stay under doctors’ supervision for the rest of her life. To date, the treatment that was proposed by doctor Paley in his clinic looks like this:

    • Sep 2013- ankle joints reconstruction, setting proper feet position, correction of knees deformities, application of Ilizarov fixator for 5 months to straighten and lenghten the tibias – 2,5 month of this time Antosia must be under constant care in the U.S. It will be cost about 192 000$


    • If there are no complications, then another surgery, application of Ilizarov fixator, waits for Antosia at the age of eight. If the foot instability recurrs, application of the fixator and recorrection of the feet will have to be done earlier. It will be cost about 100 000$.


  • Hand surgery will be based on fingers’ seperation. It could be done by the way our stay in U.S.