We would like to thank our Family and Friends for support and help. Thank You that You are with us from the very beginning and give us a lot of strength.

Thanks to You we know, That Antosia can rely not only on her parents!

In particular, we would like to thank grandma Halinka, who thought for us from the first moments of Antosia’s life and relieved us in every down-to-earth matters.

Aunts and Uncles,  who have spent time with us on hospital halls, prayed at homes and supported us with kind words, in particular uncle Seweryn, aunt Justyna, aunt Ola, aunt Basia, uncle Fryderyk, uncle Paweł, uncle Michał, aunt Agnieszka;

Thanks for our facebook group members. Your ideas are invaluable!

Our Companies Partner Marketing Service and Newtech Engineering for being with us and for Your understanding. We could not have imagined better workplaces. 😉

Filip for helping with finding experts.

The parish priest Andrzej Wieczorek for support and prayer.

Ewa and all forum users of Wady Dłoni– thanks to You, from first days of our daughter’s life we haven’t felt overwhelmed with our situation.

Uncle Mariusz, Anita and Ola for helping with translation of the site.

Professor Jarosław Czubak – thanks to You we have hope to put Antosia on her own feet.

Thanks to employees of Knurów MOSiR, who constantly confirm our belief that our daughter is the most beautiful in the world. 😉

Patrycjusz and Kamila for his help in graphical stuff.

Thanks to our GP, Izabela Szyrmel, for hints how to proceed.

Thanks to all the people, for whom Antosia’s fate is not indifferent. Please continue to support us!

We thank those who financially supported Antosia’s treatment: