Antosia’s story

Antosia was born on 21.03.2012 . at 23:50 in City Hospital in Knurów.  She weighed 2750g, with 50cm height. We found out about our daughter’s defects only after her birth.  Monthly gynecological check ups and ultrasonography examination, including 3D ultrasonography, did not help detecting her defects. Pregnancy proceeded correctly, and Antosia was delivered at term. After birth, we noticed that our daughter has deflected tibias and underdeveloped feet. We also spotted “different” left hand. Still during her first day, Antosia got into Neonatal Pathology Clinic in Zabrze. She was hospitalized there for 14 days. Thorough examinations and X-rays indicated very rare congenital defects syndrome. Within the metacarpus and fingers there are only 8 bones visible (out of 22) and they are placed non-physiologically. Some of them are augmentative and connated. Within Antosia’s lower limbs fibulas are missing in both legs, tibias are augmentative and bowed. Severe underdevelopment of the feet is also present, left has only three toes, and right has two. The doctors say that there is a chance for Antosia to stand on her feet, but treatment costs are huge. If the treatment fails, Antosia will most probably move on two prosthetic legs. You can read how to help Antosia here.